“A meshwork of selfless selves”: this is how Francisco Varela describes o
ganisms, but it applies just as well to this book—which is another way
say that it lives in me. After more than a decade of thinking and writin
the debts I owe exceed the words I’ve written. First and foremost, my pu
est and most heartfelt gratitude goes to my “framily”—my friends w
are my family: Ellen Bruno, Rebecca Mark, Caroline Streeter, Ardele L
ter, Michael Lighty, Josie Saldana, Annie Janowitz, Maria Damon, Sa
Rappeport, Jenny McKnight, Siddhisambava, Jean Franco, Jane Wagn
Tina Defelciantonio, Ira Livingston, Vicki Robinson, Jenny Brier, Dav
Kazanjian, David Eng, Mary Pratt, and Renato Rosaldo. This book’s ve
existence bespeaks the gifts and genius of my therapist, Carol Joyce, w
sustained a positive maternal transference and helped me realize mys
(or my “self ”). Egregious gratitude goes to the teachers and guides w
inspire me: Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Jackie Dennis, Rachel Reme
Philip Brooks, and Mayla Riley. My father, despite his best intention
taught me that scientific explanations do not always make sense, an i
sight which incites this intellectual undertaking. For their largesse in usi
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