A considerable number of people and institutions have contributed
to the completion of this work over the past decade. First and fore-
most, without the generosity and friendship extended to me in Nova
Lima by countless individuals this work would not have been pos-
sible. Dr. Iguatemy Mendonca, former president of Mineracao Morro
Velho, S.A., opened up the archives of the St. John d'el Rey and pro-
vided tremendous support and enthusiasm for the project. His suc-
cessor, Dr. Juvenil T. Felix, and Paulo Cesar de Moraes Sarmento,
the company commercial director, both provided outstanding sup-
port during my research in Nova Lima and Rio de Janeiro. Roberto
Lima and Mary Gill went out of their way to open doors for me,
and their help and friendship are deeply appreciated. Padre Conego
Ioao Deniz de Valle kindly allowed me access to the parish registers
of Nova Lima, and the late Reverend Ariel Walter Alvin graciously
permitted me to copy the Anglican parish registers at Morro Velho.
I am grateful to Jose Lucio Fonseca for giving me full access to the
Cart6rio de Paz e Registro Civil. The
ciimara munici-
both provided access to their records. I would especially like to
thank the Brazilians and Anglo-Brazilians who kindly permitted me
to interview them about their families and communities. I hope this
study does justice to the history they collectively helped create and
In Bela Horizonte the staffs of the Arquivo Publico Mineiro, the
Biblioteca Publica de Minas Gerais, the Departamento Nacional
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