Preliminary Notes
When the original directors formed a company in 1830 to work gold
mines near the city of Sao Ioao d'EI Rei, they anglicized the spelling
of the city to give their enterprise a name: the St. John d'el Rey Min-
ing Company. In the 1850S, with the passage of the Companies Act
in England, the directors duly registered the company as a limited
liability, joint-stock operation and added "Limited" to the company
name. Sometime near the turn of the century, company officials acci-
dentally dropped the apostrophe in the "d'el," only to return it to its
proper place a few years later. This accounts for the varied spellings
of the company name in English. In Brazil the company was often
called the "Companhia do Morro Velho" in popular speech and the
For most of the period of this study the common unit of currency
in Brazil was the milreis (written 1$000). One thousand milreis was
known as a
conto de
teis. In December 1942 the milreis became the
cruzeiro (written Cr$I).
As is customary, the titles of works in Portuguese are spelled as
they appeared on the original title page. The spelling of names has
been modernized in the text.
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