Bibliographical Essay
This study relies heavily on the use of unpublished archival materials, as
well as a broad range of published primary and secondary sources. Rather
than list the' hundreds of items consulted, the following essay describes the
archival materials and the most useful of the published sources. Discussion
of the latter does not pretend to be exhaustive but rather indicates the most
important materials consulted.
Archives and Interviews
The St. fohn d'el Rey Archive (Nova Lima) may be one of the richest
business-history archives in all of Latin America. When the English man-
agement left Morro Velho in
many of the company records were stored
in two basement rooms in the office annex to the Casa Grande. The ma-
terials were in almost complete disarray when I located them in
present management of the company, Mineracao Morro Velho S. A., gave
me complete access to all the available records, which I proceeded to orga-
nize in a very rough fashion. The most valuable of the materials is a very
complete set of the correspondence between Morro Velho and the London
office between the
in more than one hundred binders. An
additional forty-two binders or copybooks contain correspondence between
various superintendents, managing directors, and other company officials. In
this century management divided correspondence between regular, special,
and confidential series.
The archive also contains more than fifty binders of department reports
(going into great detail) from widely varying periods in this century. Some
records have survived from the British vice-consulate, but little of any im-
portance. In addition to a wide variety of files and notebooks on different
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