School of Medicine
Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean, School of Medicine
Ralph Snyderman (1989–1998)
Chancellor for Health Affairs, Executive Dean, School of Medicine,
President and
ceo, duhs
Ralph Snyderman (1998–2004)
Vice Chancellor for Medical Center Academic Affairs
Gordon G. Hammes (1991–1999)
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean, School of Medicine
Edward W. Holmes (1999–2000)
R. Sanders Williams (2001–)
Dean for Medical Education
Doyle G. Graham (1987–1992)
Dan G. Blazer (1992–1999)
Associate Vice Chancellor and Vice Dean for Education
Russel E. Kaufman (1999–2002)
Edward C. Halperin (2002–)
A P P E N D I X 1
Medical Center Administration Leadership, 1989–2004
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