All photographs by the author unless otherwise indicated.
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1. Third Stone or Intiwatana, Saywite
2. Carved outcrop, Kenko Grande
3. Carved monolith, Saywite
4. Sacred Rock replicating Mount Yanantin beyond, Machu Picchu
5. Tower, also known as the Temple of the Sun, Machu Picchu
6. Carved stone with steps and crevice, Saywite
7. Quillarumi, a carved rock located near an extensive waterworks
8. Royal Mausoleum, Machu Picchu
9. Chinkana Grande, Saqsaywaman
10. Curvilinear terracing, Moray
11. Carved rock passage, Saqsaywaman
12. Curvilinear terracing, Wiñay Wayna
13. Masonry with protuberances, Ollantaytambo
14. Zigzag terraces, Saqsaywaman
15. Temple of the Condor, Machu Picchu
1. “Indians worshiping a stone as a god” 3
2. Structures arranged around crags, Machu
Picchu 9
3. Outcrop integrated into a masonry wall,
Pisaq 11
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