Initial phases of this research were carried out in my spare time on
weekends and other days when the regional archives at the Universidad
Nacional San Antonio Abad in Cuzco were closed. This book was born
during the hikes and outings that, at the time, were considered distrac-
tions from my “real” work of researching aspects of Cuzco’s viceregal
history. Nevertheless, those who funded my historical research helped
nourish this project as well; in particular, a grant from the Pew Chari-
table Trust supported several trips to the Andes. Research for this specific
project was generously funded by the Arts Research Institute and by sev-
eral faculty research grants from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
During the decade in which I have worked on this project, I have re-
ceived the support of numerous individuals, especially the staff and fac-
ulty of the History of Art and Visual Culture Department and the Arts
Division at uCsC. I am grateful to those who have assisted me in the
Andes and beyond: Tom Atkinson, Kathryn Burns, Washington Calla-
piña, Moisés Callapiña, Darwin Camacho Paredes, Terence D’Altroy,
Esther Dean, Robert Dean, Sharon Dean, Jean-Jacques Decoster, Peter
Frost, Paul Goldstein, Margaret Kieckhefer, Joanne Pillsbury, Janet
Stephens, and Marie Timberlake. To those who have read drafts of my
text and generously offered helpful advice and suggestions—Elisabeth
Cameron, Constance Cortez, Shelly Errington, Stella Nair, and Catherine
Soussloff—my heartfelt thanks. Singled out for special mention is Steve
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