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1 Saul Ostrow used this expression in a conversation several years ago to describe
our shared hybrid practices.
2 “Nextmodern” appears in Paul Greenhalgh, “Paul Greenhalgh’s Welcome,” http:// (accessed 2002). This opening page
to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University’s website was accessed
before Greenhalgh was named to become president and director of the Corcoran
Gallery of Art and Corcoran College of Art and Design, in Washington, D.C. See
Trescott, “British Art Scholar Named Director of Corcoran Gallery.” Washington
Post, December 1, 2005, C1. The Greenhalgh statement can no longer be found
3 Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s imperious compulsion to erase eccentricity from
New York City in favor of rationalized urban planning is the only force that
could interrupt the flow of traffic down this several-hundred-year-old pathway.
On May 24, 2009, as I was completing revision of this book, the mayor shut off
car traffic on Broadway between Thirty-third and Thirty-fifth Streets, and from
Forty-second Street to Forty-seventh Street at Times Square, as part of his goal
of diminishing overall traffic volume in that area of Manhattan. In the early days
of this change, tourists sat around in the street on cheap lawn chairs and the
scene suggested a parking lot filled with refugees.
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