Ian Buchanan
The time is coming when it will hardly be possible to write a book of philosophy as
it has been done for so long: "Ah! the old style .... " The search for new means of
philosophical expression was begun by Nietzsche and must be pursued today in
relation to the renewal of certain other arts, such as the theatre or the cinema. In this
context, we can now raise the question of the utilization of the history of philosophy.
It seems to us that the history of philosophy should playa role roughly analogous to
that of
in painting.-Gilles Deleuze,
Difference and Repetition
It is doubtful now that we'll ever learn whether Foucault
meant anything besides mischief in prophesying that perhaps this century
would one day be known as Deleuzian. Deleuze, for his part, apparently
took it to mean just that. Hasn't it occurred to you, he reproached Michel
Cresole-and by implication all those who cite it as proof of his importance
-"that his little remark's a joke meant to make people who like us laugh,
and make everyone else livid?"l By the same token, it is equally doubtful
whether any of us alive today will live long enough to confirm the accuracy
of Foucault's prophecy.
can already be seen just how influential this re-
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