Though writing is often a solitary affair, fingers rarely touch key-
board without the help of others.
The generous financial support of a number of institutions
underwrote this project in its various iterations. The Fulbright
Program provided the bulk of the funding for a year of research
in Mexican archives. Grants from the Spanish Ministry of Cul-
ture, uc-meXus, and the Center for Iberian and Latin American
Studies at the University of California, San Diego (ucsd), also
supported my initial research in Mexico and Spain.
More recently I have enjoyed residential fellowships at the
John Carter Brown and Newberry libraries (supported by the
National Endowment for the Humanities and the Rockefeller
Foundation, respectively)—two wonderful centers of scholarly
research and writing—a National Endowment for the Humani-
ties Faculty Research Award, and a travel grant from the Span-
ish Ministry of Culture. New Mexico State and the University
of California, Santa Cruz, supported these grants and provided
additional funding for follow-up research. At uc Santa Cruz, I
particularly want to thank the Humanities Division, the Com-
mittee on Research, and the Institute for Humanities Research.
My intellectual debts are many. Beginning with my graduate
training at ucsd, let me thank my mentors and fellow gradu-
ate students who created a vibrant and friendly community of
scholarship. A special thanks to my coadvisers, Eric Van Young
and Dain Borges, who have continued to provide incomparable
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