AAiStw Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin Workers
Aclu American Civil Liberties Union
Acw Amalgamated Clothing Workers
Afl American Federation of Labor
Afm American Federation of Musicians
Ame African Methodist Episcopal
A&P Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company
ASco American Stores Company
bchA Baltimore Citizens’ Housing Committee
berc Baltimore Emergency Relief Commission
bfl Baltimore Federation of Labor (Afl)
bhA Baltimore Housing Authority
biuc Baltimore Industrial Union Council (cio)
btA Building Trades Association
btc Building Trades Council
bul Baltimore Urban League
cio Committee for Industrial Organization, then Congress of
Industrial Organizations
cP Communist Party
cSb Centralized Shipping Bureau
cwA Civil Works Administration
cwcl Cooperative Women’s Civic League
dwoc Distillery Workers Organizing Committee
fePc Fair Employment Practices Committee
ferA Federal Emergency Relief Administration
gec General Executive Council (iumSwA)
ilA International Longshoremen’s Association
ild International Labor Defense
ilgwu International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union
iSu International Seamen’s Union
iumSwA Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of America
iww Industrial Workers of the World
lid League for Industrial Democracy
lwiu Laundry Workers International Union (Afl)
mdcfl Maryland- District of Columbia Federation of Labor (Afl)
mdciuc Maryland and District of Columbia Industrial Union Council (cio)
mhS Maryland Historical Society
mowm March on Washington Movement
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