This book has been a very long time in the making. In the process of writ-
ing it, I received assistance and guidance from a great many individuals and
institutions, some of whom I am able to acknowledge here.
I want to start with those who were influential from the inception of this
project. Ronald J. Grele was there way before the beginning as a mentor and
intellectual collaborator from my undergraduate years; he introduced me to
and schooled me in oral history and in social theory, and more than once
read and reflected on various iterations of this book manuscript. Daniel J.
Walkowitz was also there before the beginning, and introduced me to what
was then known as the “new social history.” Over the years he has often
given me excellent creative feedback on my work and my thinking, and he is,
along with Latin American historian Barbara Weinstein, editor of the Radi-
cal Perspectives book series in which this volume is published. I also want
to warmly acknowledge Warren Susman, a remarkably creative mind and
my first dissertation adviser, who passed away at a tragically young age, and
Norman Markowitz, who picked up the ball as my second adviser and greatly
helped me complete my dissertation some years later.
A number of historians and colleagues were important in helping me
shape this book, including a group of colleagues who were once all based
in Baltimore. Jo Anne Argersinger, Roderick N. Ryon, and Linda Zeidman
shared their sources and ideas with me, and gave me much encouragement;
Linda Shoppes, in addition, read and commented very perceptively on ver-
sions of my manuscript; Cindy Gissendanner hosted me on several visits to
Baltimore City and offered useful suggestions. Non- Baltimoreans Michael
Frisch, Bruce Nelson, and Jim O’Brien also read and commented on the
manuscript, and Jim did a really wonderful job editing my prose. In addition,
the late Roy Rosenzweig shared with me his research and interpretations for
one section on my book, Joseph E. Moore did the same for another section,
and Nelson Lichtenstein gave me early encouragement and direction on my
Oral history interviews were crucial to the writing of this book, and all of
my interviewees contributed significantly to the process; they are acknowl-
edged in the text and endnotes. However, I want to emphasize here my spe-
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