This book’s genesis has spanned some fifteen years
and unusual circumstances. During that time, I have lived what
seems like a number of completely distinct lives. But across that
time and my experiences, certain people have provided deep and
unquestioning support of my work, my thinking, and my life.
Although illness forced a rupture of sorts in both my life and
this work, the strength of the support flowing from these friends,
family, and colleagues has been indispensable to me; in great
part, it is because of them that I have been able to continue to
push forward. Lengthy serious illness is an incredibly isolating
experience. As Laura Hillenbrand has written, “My world nar-
rowed down to my bed and my window. . . . Most of the people
around me stepped backward” (2003, 59). Often the compassion
and belief that sustained me was communicated through the
ether, as it were, as people tended to their own lives, partners,
children, work. My knowledge of their care, my ability to trust
that it was there and would be there when we could communi-
cate, is a testament to the strength of their support and friend-
ship. I count my life, my thoughts, my politics, my meanings as
richer and intensely shaped by their caring and interlocution,
whether explicit and present nearby or implicit and hailing from
afar. For all this, I am deeply grateful to Jorge Arditi, Claudia
Center, Tanya Ciszewski, Patricia Clough, Shana Cohen, Naheed
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