History is always in several places at once, there
are always several histories underway; this is a
high point in the history of women.
—Hélène Cixous, in Cixous and Clement,
The Newly Born Woman
In the instability and insecurity of global capital-
ism, the economic actor, like the citizen in the
modern nation, may become what is lost, and
thus also the determining factor in new social
—Shana Cohen, Searching for a
Different Future
in this book, i have proposed a new theoretical
and methodological framework with which to analyze histori-
cally specific social orders and social movement, and I have
presented a detailed exemplar of its use. The structural apo-
retic  analytic focuses on moments of societal rupture rather
than on social coherence—on the historically specific condi-
tions of possibility for epistemic discontinuity inherent in any
social order’s very constitution and on the historical process of
Structural Aporias
Questions, Thoughts, and Contemporary Politics
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