It is a pleasure to thank the friends and col-
leagues whose help, support, and wisdom sus-
tained and inspired me during the years that I
worked on this book. My first debt is to the sta√ at the
archives and libraries in Bolivia who generously facilitated
my research. I would especially like to thank Froilan Pérez,
former sta√ member at the Archivo de la Corte Superior
de Justicia de Cochabamba; the judges and aides in the
courts of Cliza and Punata; and the sta√ at the municipal
archives of Punata and Quillacollo. All graciously allowed
me to sort freely through the rich and largely uncatalogued
documents in these repositories, lent corners of their of-
fices and desks, and taught me about local history and legal
systems. For their guidance and assistance, I am also grate-
ful to the sta√ at Cochabamba’s Archivo Histórico de la
Prefectura, Biblioteca Municipal, Hemeroteca Municipal,
and Archivo del Arzobispado, and to the sta√ at the Ar-
chivo Histórico del Honorable Congreso Nacional in La
Paz, at the Archivo de La Paz, and at the Archivo y Bibli-
oteca Nacionales in Sucre. I especially wish to thank the
director of the Archivo Histórico Municipal de Cocha-
bamba, Itala De Mamán, and successive directors of the
Archivo de La Paz—Roberto Choque, Laura Escobari,
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