1. Throughout this text I will be referring to a number of Disney-related enti-
ties. To refer to Walt Disney himself, I will use “Walt Disney” (sometimes
simply “Walt” for the sake of variety). When referring to the publicly owned
Walt Disney Productions, which became the Walt Disney Company in
1986, I use “the Disney Company.” At times I will also refer to “WED (Walter
Elias Disney) Enterprises,” which was originally a private company called
Walt Disney Incorporated started by Walt Disney in 1952 for the creation
of Disneyland, but was sold along with the Imagineers to Walt Disney Pro-
ductions in 1965. Finally, I will use the term “Disney” when I need a term to
describe the culture of Disney, which is often difficult to distinguish from
the imagination of the man and the company which bears his name. I will
also make occasional use of this ambiguous term when origins, as in the
case of EPCOT, are difficult to attribute to either the man or the company.
Information on the Disney Company’s history is available in the “History”
section of The Walt Disney Company Fact Book 2002.
2. Frederick Jackson Turner first presented “The Significance of the Frontier
in American History” at the Chicago World’s Fair on 12 July 1893, during a
meeting of the American Historical Association. It was first published in
1894 in the Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin . . . 1893
and reprinted that same year in the Annual Report of the American Histori-
cal Association for the Year 1893. It is considered to be widely influential in
the field of American studies.
3. This twenty-four-minute film, Walt’s Last Film, which was recorded shortly
before Walt’s death, is available for viewing on the Waltopia website (http://
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