1–12 Author’s freehand portrait drawings, 1980s–1990s.
Collection of the author
1 The American historian Barbara Metcalf, xxxi
2 The Greek philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis, xxxi
3 The French cultural critic Jean-François Lyotard, xxxi
4 The Iranian-British social critic Homa Katouzian, xxxii
5 The Algerian-French philosopher Jacques Derrida, xxxii
6 The German philosopher Jürgen Habermas, xxxii
7 The Iranian American women’s studies scholar Nayereh Tohidi, xxxiii
8 The American anthropologist Paul Rabinow, xxxiii
9 The British filmmaker and film scholar Peter Wollen, xxxiii
10 Author’s self-portrait, xxxiv
11 The Ethiopian American film scholar Teshome H. Gabriel, xxxiv
12 The American film historian Tom Gunning, xxxiv
13 Building a 35mm film projector, xxxvi
14 Author’s dandiacal photograph, xl
15 Author’s contribution at the age of fourteen to the Neda-ye Elm family
magazine, xli
16 Author’s early film criticism, xlvii
17 Frame enlargement from author’s abstract video, Blacktop, l
18 Frame enlargement of author’s computer-video generated mfa film,
Salamander Syncope, li
19 A poster for the first public screening of Salamander Syncope at ucla, li
20 Cover of the catalogue for the A Decade of Iranian Cinema, 1980–1990
film festival, lvi
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