1 Nilla Cram Cook, 6
2 Production still from Ralph Keene’s Persian Story, 33
3 A typical usis mobile film unit, 42
4 Adapting a visual medium to an oral culture: an Iranian expert provides
live narration for a usis film, 42
5 Enthusiasm for usis films at a school, 45
6 Mohammad Ali Issari filming Education Corps, 56
7 Ebrahim Golestan (left) with the author, 79
8 Forugh Farrokhzad smoking a pipe, 82
9 A female leper applies eye makeup for a wedding in Farrokhzad’s
The House Is Black, 83
10 “I am like scattered water,” intones Farrokhzad’s voice-over in
The House Is Black, 84
11 A pupil completes the sentence at the bottom of the blackboard, 85
12 Hossein Mansouri, 86
13 The inevitable march of modernity and modernization destroys native cultures
in Alan Pendry’s and Neilson Baxter’s Wave, Coral, and Rock, 90
14 The poet and filmmaker Feraidun Rahnema, 94
15 Naser Taqvai’s The Sorcerer’s Wind claims that African slaves brought with
them this ill wind to Iranian shores, 103
16 Exorcising the sorcerer’s wind, 103
17 Concentric circles of chest-beating men in a Shiite religious ritual
in Taqvai’s Arba’in, 104
18 A Qaderi dervish is about to swallow a large stone in Manuchehr Tabari’s
A Few Moments with Qaderi Dervishes, 105
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