illuStr AtionS
1 Documentarian Morteza Avina holding the camera in “Headless in the Alley
of Love,” 12
2 Camaraderie between soldiers and cameramen on the Iraqi war front, 13
3 Opening title in “Operation Valfajr 8,” 14
4 A child appears to be carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher in Headless
in the Alley of Love, 18
5 Militia music video from Headless in the Alley of Love, 19
6 Poster for Sinai’s In the Alleys of Love, 23
7 Flyer for a screening at uclA of Operation Valfajr 8, 26
8 Searching for those disappeared in Naderi’s First Search, 30
9 Publicity photo for Naderi’s Water, Wind, Dust, 32
10 Polish immigrants in Sinai’s Lost Requiem, 34
11 Publicity photo from Bashu, the Little Stranger, 35
12 The destructive effects of war drove Bashu into exile in Bashu, the Little
Stranger, 35
13 A shell-shocked war veteran about to marry his fiancée in Marriage of the
Blessed, 41
14–15 Mohammad Khatami adored by young female fans in A Man for All
Reasons, 44
16 A female nurse runs for a village council seat in Zinat, 49
17 Poster for Mokhtari’s “process documentary,” Saffron, 76
18 Similarities between women’s veiling outdoors and architecture in Pari, 103
19 Children, particularly girls, stand in for adult women in The White Balloon, 115
20 The crisis of Pahlavi-era female representation in Report of a Murder, 117
21 Women suffer from disembodiment and men are afflicted with embodiment in
Marriage of the Blessed, 118
22 Veil as an article of fashion in The Fall of Sahra, 123
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