Principal Characters
pierre baillet: Président at the Chambres des Comptes, a roya
financial court in Dijon, husband of Marie Fyot, and first cou
Philippe Giroux.
pierre borel, called devilliers: Trusted servant of Philippe
henri ii de bourbon, prince of condé: A royal prince, co
the king, and governor of Burgundy.
marguerite brulart: Mother of Marie Le Goux de La Bercher
thus Philippe Giroux’s mother-in-law), wife of the premier p
Jean-Baptiste Le Goux de La Berchere.
claude bryot, called la valeur: Servant of Philippe Giroux a
witness for the prosecution.
jeanne burgat: Mother of Pierre Baillet.
denis cartaut, called saint denis: Trusted manservant of Ph
eleanore cordier: Servant of Philippe Giroux and governess
Giroux’s son, Henri.
devilliers: Nickname of Pierre Borel, trusted servant of Philipp
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