A Note on Sources
Readers interested in the documentation upon which this book is based will find
the references here, as well as a list of secondary literature on various aspects of
seventeenth-century France. I have organized this material by chapter.
This book centers upon a murder trial that began in 1639 and was concluded
in 1643. The proceedings of that trial were lengthy, extensive, and seldom orga-
nized in coherent chronological order or paginated consistently. I have tried to be
as explicit as possible in referencing this material. Most of the documentation for
this book is preserved in the Bibliothèque Municipale de Dijon (henceforth ab-
breviated bmd) and in the Archives Départementales de la Côte d’Or (henceforth
abbreviated adco).The proceedings for the trial are scattered in both of these re-
positories, but most of them can be found primarily in the following places: the
manuscript collection of the Dijon library, in manuscripts 328, 1356, and Fonds
Saverot 19 (a collection of nine sources relative to the Giroux trial); and in the ar-
chives in series b, boxes 12175 and 12175bis. Tucked in b12175 is the Journal de ce
juillet1646, an important journal of several hundred pages describing in detail the
unfolding of the trial from the perspective of the prosecution. Information on the
trial can also be gleaned from bmd Ms 766, ‘‘Delibérations secrètes du Parlement
de Dijon’’ (January 1641–December 1651), 903; bmd Ms 781, ‘‘Pièces originales
cernant le procès de Philippe Giroud, Président du Parlement’’ (manuscript notes
compiled by an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Burgundian scholar named
Gabriel Peignot); adco 1 f 458; and 1 f 459.
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