A close- up of an Asian man’s face in pain- pleasure against a pink bedsheet.
On the soundtrack, a male voice grunts and moans suggestively. Cut to two
upturned legs swinging rhythmically against a plain white wall. A romantic
Chinese ballad plays in the background. Close- ups of the same Asian man’s
face pushed against shower curtains, carpet, couch. Upturned legs poking
out the window of a parked car, swaying in between redwood trees, rock-
ing in front of crashing waves (figures P.1 and P.2). These shots are culled
from a short, four- minute experimental video I made called Forever Bottom!
(1999), a work that is the genesis for the book you are holding in your hands.
Through simple camera techniques such as close- ups and low-angle shots,
the video offers the point of the view of an Asian male “getting fucked” in a
variety of settings: bedroom, balcony, kitchen, front lawn, parked car, park,
beach. Though the title proclaims the temporal persistence and spatial ubiq-
uity of an Asian man who “forever” revels in adopting the bottom role, the
viewer never actually witnesses his anal penetration nor the top who is al-
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