1. U.K. census, 2001: Asian, black, and mixed populations of Leicester 13
2. U.K. census, 2001: percentage of national population by ethnic group 14
3. A Muslim couple walks by the Starbucks in Leicester’s city center 16
4. Three Asian women walking in Leicester’s city center
past the Clock Tower 19
5. The Central Mosque of Leicester, in Highfields 21
6. An Asian woman walks past a sari shop on Belgrave Road,
also known as the “Golden Mile” 21
7. Ethnicity of dependent children in the households studied 25
8. A formal portrait of Chloe Talbot Kelly taken in the 1960s
in London 39
9. Chloe Talbot Kelly in 2001, age sixty-six 41
10. Chloe Talbot Kelly with her son Alex 44
11. Chloe Talbot Kelly in her studio, a converted garage
attached to her house 46
12. Jane and Melvin Green at her fiftieth birthday party 52
13. Jane Green, holding her husband’s high school graduation portrait 54
14. Melvin Green 55
15. Casey Clarke and her daughters 63
16. Sharon Dawkins and her daughters 67
17. Mandy and Gerry Burke, friends of Sharon and Everal Dawkins 74
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