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This collection not only appears at the close of the first decade of the
twenty- first century, but according to the Maya calendar, its publica-
tion occurs while the final epoch of the world, as our Mesoamerican
ancestors understood it, comes to an end. I have no intention of dis-
cussing New Age or Hollywood predictions for December 22, 2012.
Suffice it to say, much commercial profit has already been made from
sensationalized misinterpretations of the ancient Maya predictions,
especially when they are said to forecast a doomsday, in which the
world ends in one great tidal wave of destruction and despair. Coun-
tering such apocalyptic scenarios is, on the one hand, the less dramatic
but more politically useful position that Mesoamerican calendric pre-
dictions are being realized daily in the ongoing violence resultant of
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