Already embedded in each of these writings is an implicit thank you
to every person mentioned in these pages, living on this side of time
or in the timelessness of the ancestors. Each one’s corporeal and spirit
life inspired this collection in some small or grand way. Beyond this,
what makes this book fundamentally possible is my familia—de san-
gre y corazón, especially those I have lived with on a daily basis—my
partner, Celia; my son, Rafael; my daughter of heart, Camerina; and
nuestra nietita, Cetanzi. I thank you all for your part in creating both
the obstacles and apertures in my writing process over this decade (and
more), for without the context of this (extra)ordinary Xicana lesbian
life, these pages could never be. I thank my sisters, JoAnn Moraga
Lawrence and Cynthia Moraga García, because of their infinite faith
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