A Xicana Lexicon
Throughout this text, I spell Xicana and Xicano (Chicana and Chicano)
with an X (the Nahuatl spelling of the “ch” sound) to indicate a re-
emerging política, especially among young people, grounded in In-
digenous American belief systems and identities. I find especially reso-
nant Roberto Rodríguez’s observation in his treatise The X in La Raza
that X in many ways reflects the Indian identity that has been robbed
from us through colonization, akin to Malcolm X’s use of the letter in
place of his “slave” name (86). As many Raza may not know their spe-
cific indigenous nation of origin, the X links us as Native people in dias-
pora. When Chicano and Chicano appears with “Ch,” it indicates the
word’s usage by the person(s) to whom I refer or, at the time period,
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