PróLogo: a Living CoDex
1 Tlacuilo is the Nahuatl word to designate the scribe; i.e., the painter and inter-
preter of the Mesoamerican codices.
2 Each essay in this collection is listed with the date of its original version,
though all reflect the re- visioning process that occurs over time.
3 “Art in América con Acento” is an essay published in my book The Last Genera-
tion, which critiques the United States for its Anglo- American ethnocentrism,
describing it as an America “without the accent.”
4 I refer to Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which, among other provisions, crimi-
nalizes undocumented immigrants, encourages racial profiling, and promotes
the unlawful detention of mestizo and other Indigenous people regardless of
their legal status until they can prove their legal residency or citizenship. On
July 28, 2010, just before the bill went into effect, Susan Bolt, a federal judge
in Phoenix, issued a temporary injunction blocking implementation of key
portions of the law.
a xiCanaDyKe CoDex of Changing ConsCiousness
This essay originated as the Kessler Award lecture sponsored by the Center for
Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLags) of the City University of New York, pre-
sented on December 8, 2000.
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