rebecca j. atencio is an assistant professor of Luso-Brazilian Literary and
Cultural Studies at Tulane University. Her main area of research is the intersection
of human rights activism and cultural production in contemporary Brazil.
ksenija bilbija is a professor of Spanish and the director of the Latin American,
Caribbean, and Iberian Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin, Madi-
son. She is the author of Yo soy trampa: Ensayos sobre la obra de Luisa Valenzuela
(2003); Cuerpos textuales: Metáforas del génesis narrativo en la literatura latino-
americana del siglo XX (2001). Bilbija is also a volume editor of The Art of Truth-
Telling about Authoritarian Rule (2005) and Akademia Cartonera: A Primer of
Latin American Cartonera Publishers (2009).
jo-marie burt is an associate professor of Political Science at George Mason
University, and she has been a visiting researcher at the Pontific Catholic Univer-
sity of Peru. She is author of Political Violence and the Authoritarian State in Peru:
Silencing Civil Society (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007).
laurie beth clark is a professor in the Art Department at the University of
Wisconsin, Madison, where she teaches courses in video, performance, installa-
tions, and visual culture. Since 2001, she has been studying trauma tourism from
a comparative international perspective. Some of this work can be downloaded at
cath collins is a professor of Politics at the Universidad Diego Portales, San-
tiago, Chile. She works on human rights prosecutions and related processes in the
Southern Cone, and is the author of Post-transitional Justice: Human Rights Trials
in Chile and El Salvador (Penn State University Press, 2010).
susana draper is an assistant professor at the Department of Comparative Lit-
erature at Princeton University. She is currently working on The Prison, the Mall,
and the Museum: Afterlives of Confinement in Postdictatorship Latin American
Society), a book-length project on the reconfiguration of spaces and temporalities
in post-dictatorship culture.
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