This book encompassed three stages of my academic life: graduate school at
Cornell University, my visiting post at Amherst College, and my present job
at Northeastern University. As a result, I have many people to thank and in-
tellectual debts to pay. It is my pleasure to thank the following for their con-
tributions to this book.
Field research for this project was supported by a Fulbright- Hays grant, the
Milton Barnett grant, with follow-up trips sponsored by the Dean’s Office at
Amherst College. I thank Benny Widyono for his help in locating Indonesian
sponsorship for my research, and the csds at Atma Jaya Catholic University
for hosting me. The Karl Lowenstein fellowship at Amherst College enabled
me to work on chapter 2 and chapter 3 of this book. An iias fellowship at the
International Institute for Asian Studies at the University of Leiden gave me
the time and space to carry out archival research at the International Institute
for Social History (iisg), and to write the introduction and chapter 1. At the
iias I thank Philippe Peycam, Bernardo Brown, and Jenna Grant. At the iisg
I thank Emile Schwidder, Eef Vermeij, and the staff at the circulation desk for
their help. At the kitlv I thank Henk Schulte Nordholt and Gerry van Klinken
for their indefatigable support for Indonesian studies. I thank Patsy Spyer for
finding time for me in her busy schedule while I was in the Netherlands. I am
forever grateful to Leonard Retel- Helmrich for being my extra- institutional
host in Amsterdam.
I have presented chapters and ideas from this project at uc Santa Cruz,
the University of Indonesia, the National University of Singapore, Cornell
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