I refer to individuals by their nickname or first name, and in some cases their
only name, as is common practice in Indonesia. I have also adhered to anthro-
pological convention by using pseudonyms for most of the individuals in this
book in order to protect their identities. However, in the instances where I rely
upon archival sources, media sources, and select activist sources to discuss
aspects of state violence and injustice, I refer to activists by their real name.
Certain personalities from Generation 98 have achieved acclaim, status, and
recognizability in Indonesia as a result of their activism and they too appear
by name. My ethnography retains a contemporaneous relationship with work
done in the fields of history, sociology, and political science, where the same
individuals I discuss have already appeared in print as themselves. I consider
the act of naming them a historicizing act of recognition for the efforts of in-
dividuals who continue to work in the public domain of Indonesian human
rights, cultural politics, and democracy.
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