Today Jakarta is really terrifying following the “Trisakti Tragedy” that killed
6 university students and made them into Reformasi Heroes.1 After- effects
rippled, riots breaking out from crowds gone amok all over Jakarta. . . . I wit-
nessed a tragedy, moving, saddening, [I was] understanding, angry, anxious,
agitated, even afraid! From Sabang to Merauke, the archipelago grieves . . .
Jakarta, 14 May 1998.
Jakarta is crippled. . . .
On the evening of the 15th at the Museum of Struggle ’45 the Work Forum
[Forum Kerja] held a press conference. Arby Sanit and some other intellectu-
als attended.2 I was only there briefly, I didn’t know what a Work Forum was.
An Assembly of the People’s Will has also been founded, and who knows what
else with what name? Jakarta, 16 May 1998.
The political temperature is rising. . . . Jakarta, 19 May 1998.
Today launches a new history. At 9:05– 9:06 am this morning Soeharto re-
signed from his presidency . . . The Reform struggle will never end. The Re-
form struggle will always come and will always be. Today is a new history.
And in the future we will still push back against all challenges. Jakarta, 21 May
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