So many people supported me throughout this project. First, I would like
to thank the women of the daily- rent hotels who shared so much with me.
I would especially like to acknowledge Lexi, Ramona, Anita, and Monica.
These four women literally took me under their wings while I conducted
my fieldwork, and gracefully accepted my presence, my questions, and my
tape recorder with wit, grace, tears, and irritability (to name just a few of
the emotions we shared). As I hung out in the hotels or on the street many,
many women went out of their way to make sure none of the dealers thought
I was an undercover cop, which kept me safe. They teased me when I got
propositioned for sex work, tried to borrow money, cried on my shoulder,
asked about my kids, laughed with me and at me during our four years to-
gether. I hope my rendering of their stories will live up to the trust they placed
in me.
Many physicians, program directors, psychiatrists, social workers, phy-
sicians, policy- makers, activists, pharmacists, neurologists, drug treatment
counselors, and other professionals contributed to this project. With few
exceptions, everyone I contacted for an interview responded promptly and
answered my questions with candor. Many of these professionals agreed to be
interviewed multiple times and were very patient with me as I pieced the story
together. I was very fortunate to have their cooperation and engagement in my
project, and any inaccuracies or misinterpretations that may have been made
herein are entirely my own. I would like to thank the volunteer staff of the
Women’s Community Clinic Outreach Program, especially Leah Morrison,
Ej Berhanu, and Laura Sheckler. Leah first escorted me into the daily- rent
hotels in 2007. Ej and Laura continued to support my work while also working
alongside me in the hotels. From the Ladies Night program I would like to
acknowledge the support of Laura Guzman, Vero Majano, Mary Howe, Eliza
Wheeler, Brit Creech, Lauren Enteen, and Emalie Huriaux.
This project started as a dissertation, and I would like to thank my com-
mittee members: Vincanne Adams, Philippe Bourgois, Charles Briggs, and
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