We thank the contributors to this volume for the stimulating conver-
sations that have helped to shape our thinking about addiction, as well
as for their dedication and patience throughout the editorial process.
Many of the chapters in this volume were originally presented at the
workshop ‘‘Anthropologies of Addiction: Science, Therapy, and Regula-
tion’’ at McGill University in April 2009, which was generously funded by
an Aid to Workshops and Conferences in Canada grant from the Social
Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (sshrc), as well as
by the Division for Social and Transcultural Psychiatry at McGill Univer-
sity. We owe a particularly deep thanks to Sandra Hyde, whose collabora-
tion was essential to our receiving the sshrc grant and to the overall
success of the workshop. This volume has greatly benefited from the
careful readings, insights, and suggestions of a number of scholars who
attended the workshop—as well as an earlier session at the American
Anthropological Association conference in 2007—as participants and dis-
cussants: Nick Bartlett, João Biehl, Joe Dumit, Clara Han, Sandra Hyde,
Nick King, Laurence Kirmayer, Barbara Koenig, Daniel Lende, Margaret
Lock, Dawn Moore, Ronald Niezen, Michael Oldani, Tobias Rees, Lisa
Stevenson, and Allan Young. We also thank the research assistants who
have helped us in innumerable ways at various stages of this project:
Emilio Dirlikov, Annie Heffernan, Roscoe Nicholson, Rachel Sandwell,
Aaron Seaman, and W. Wilson Will. Finally, we are tremendously grateful
to Ken Wissoker and his staff at Duke University Press for their support of
this volume.
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