Audience Testing
aving launched Allied Country’s brand in several seg-
ments of the Asian American market, Asian Ads made
strong case to justify targeting consumers through
niche advertising. Even though the brand’s general market
messaging began to feature more diverse talent, the client still
believed that Asian American consumers were worth target-
ing through multicultural advertising. In fact the client liked
aspects of the Asian American creative so much that they con-
sidered using select visual elements in their general market
campaign. Such a move would not only underscore the value
of Asian Ads’ creative work but would also keep multicultural
advertising relevant. Creative director An Rong reiterated this
point to his client after the successful brand launch: “We are
different from the general market. The Chinese market has
never had this advertising before. And this is the first phase,
where they will learn about Allied Country, what kind of com-
pany it is. Every aspect of this, including placing your logo in
the layout, is seen here.” With the client in appreciative agree-
ment, Asian Ads chalked this campaign up as a success—
something that was never taken for granted in the competi-
tive world of advertising. Helpful here was their reflective and
engaged client George, who self- identified as a minority and
invoked his Hispanic heritage to show his alignment with
Asian Ads and empathize about the challenges of making
in- culture and in- language creative for his company’s mostly
white marketing department. Although not Asian American
himself, George made the intercultural spaces of the adver-
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