Research for this book was generously sponsored by the National Science
Foundation (bcs 0924472) and by Northwestern University. It is with
heartfelt thanks that I acknowledge the advertising agencies that allowed
me to visit, conduct interviews and observations, and better understand
their work, including the following agencies in New York: Ad Asia, Ad-
merasia, A Partnership, asb Communications, bbdo, Cinemaya Media,
Kang and Lee, Ogilvy, and Young and Rubicam; in other locations: Dae
(San Francisco), Euro rscg (Chicago), InterTrend (Long Beach), iw Group
(Los Angeles), and Touchdown Media (Metuchen). Several individuals
were especially instrumental in helping me gain access to agencies and
ongoing account activities; special thanks go to the Advertising Education
Foundation, the Asian American Advertising Federation, Douglass Alli-
good, Neeta Bhasin, Ed Chang, Rita Denny, Sharmila Fowler, Belle Franks,
Genny Hom- Franzen, Saul Gitlin, Julia Huang, Bill Imada, Tom Kraemer,
Jeff Lin, Bob Morais, Jane Nakagawa, Navin Narayanan, Tommy Ng, Zan
Ng, Jenny Russo- Novak, Sangeet Pillai, Rekha Radhakrishnan, Lisa Skri-
loff, Nita Song, Patricia Sunderland, Aarti Thiagarajan, Nimesh Trivedi,
and Rahul Walia.
It has been a pleasure to work with Duke University Press on this book.
I am grateful to Ken Wissoker for his enthusiasm for this project from the
first time I mentioned it, to Elizabeth Ault, Amy Ruth Buchanan, Christine
Riggio, Liz Smith, and the production team. Portions of this book bene-
fited greatly from presentations and interactions with colleagues at the
American Anthropological Association annual meetings, the Associa-
tion for American Studies meetings, the Association for Asian American
Studies meetings, the American Ethnological Society meetings, Emory
University, The Graduate Center– cuny, New York University, Northwest-
ern University, University of California at Irvine, University of Califor-
nia at Los Angeles, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at
Urbana- Champaign.
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