Transcription Key
Transliterations of Hindi into the Roman alphabet are nearly all drawn from ad-
vertising copy or use those conventions. The following key features symbols used
to represent speech, sound, and gesture in the conversational excerpts featured
throughout the book.
table a1.1
Symbol Meaning Example
[ ] Overlap Jack: [Well]
Jane: [Or is it]
bold Emphasis Jack: Transcreated
= Latching Jack: by the=
Jane: =label company
(2.2) Pause in seconds and tenths
? Raising intonation Jane: It’s so happy, right?
, Slight pause Jane: what the song is singing about, and
Quoted speech Jack: “It really worked!”
! Strong emotion Jack: Oh!
(( )) Some action ((laughter))
(↑) Uptick in prosody George: my English- speaking brain (↑)
( ) Contextual information Esther: (to Paul) Why don’t you go first?
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