The writing of this book has taken place
across two continents, three countries, four cities,
and four educational institutions. It began in the
final weeks of my time as a graduate student at In-
diana University and was completed during my first
period of study leave from the School of English at
the University of Leeds. Postdoctoral positions at the
Georgia Institute of Technology and at the Clinton
Institute for American Studies at University College
Dublin served as the transition points between stu-
dent and teacher. I am grateful to the many people—
friends, teachers, and colleagues—who have offered
support, encouragement, enthusiasm, instruction,
criticism, goading, humor, and respite as needed
along the way.
While this book is not a revision of my doctoral
thesis (that book is yet to come) and contains only
ten heavily revised pages from it, it would not look as
it does without the advice and encouragement I re-
ceived during work on that project. As such, my first
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