Randy Weston would like to acknowledge and thank the following, both
living and ancestral, who have made major spiritual contributions toward
his many years of struggle to continue a sometimes lonely journey to tell
the truth about who we are as a people:
Abdeslaam and Khadija Akaaboune and family (Tangier); Ahmed
Abdul- Malik; Allal Akouri (Marrakech); Jean-Philippe Allard; Professor
Amine Khalid (for the wonderful Tangier tribute to Randy and Abdullah
El Gourde); the Archbishop of Canterbury; C. B. Atkins (for the “Uhuru
Afrika” record date); Professor Atwell (my second music teacher); Brian
Baccus; Bobby Benson (for the inspiration from his music and his club
Caban Bamboo, Lagos, Nigeria); Chief Bey; Black Rose; Big Black; Ed Black-
well; Jooney Booth; Cecil Bridgewater; Marie Brown (for the great pub-
lishing advice); Ray Bryant; Wole Bucknor; Margaret Busby (thanks for
the Black Book Fair); Candido Camero; Wayne Chandler; Moktar Cisse;
John Henrik Clarke (master teacher); Suzanne Cloutier (for helping me
find Frisco); Ray Copeland (trumpeter and my first arranger); Chano Pozo;
Maurice and Vonette Culloz; Ken Dadzie; Dar Ganawa; the Rev. Herbert
Daughtry; Asadata Defora (African master musician); Javier de Gambra
(Spanish journalist); Cheikh Anta Diop and family; Kenny Drew; Maria
Eliot (for her help organizing the festival in Tangier in 1972); Ruth Elling-
ton; Booker Ervin; Frisco (Jocelyn Bingham); Franco Fayenz (Italian jour-
nalist); Fela Kuti; Min Xiao Fen; Pablo Ferro; Joe Gaines; Marcus Garvey;
Pastor John Gensel; Colette Giacomotti; Sam Gill; Dizzy Gillespie; Fred-
eric Graf; Dexter Gordon; Bill Grauer; Georgia Griggs; Gigi Gryce; John
Handy; Jaap Harlaar; Billy Harper; Coleman Hawkins; Langston Hughes;
Mahi Ismail; Dr. Willis James; Leon James; Richard Jennings; the Jillala;
Dr. Ben A. A. Yosef Johannan; Alma John (TV journalist and activist); Budd
Johnson; Mari Jo Johnson; Willie Jones; the Joujouka; Orrin Keepnews;
Inyatt Hyatt Khan; Talib Kibwe (TK Blue, my longtime music director and
arranger); Hubert Laws; Elma Lewis (the queen of Boston); Melba Liston;
Jean Lothrop; Professor Acklyn Lynch; Mandrill; Amina Marix- Evans;
Maktar Mbow (director, UNESCO, Paris and Senegal); Papa Oye McKen-
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