Abbreviations: Archives and Papers
ias/unza Institute for African Studies, University of Zambia,
Lusaka, Zambia
jcm J. Clyde Mitchell Papers, Rhodes House, Bodleian
Library, Oxford
naz National Archives of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia
pro Public Record Office, London
rh Rhodes House, Bodleian Library, Oxford
zccm Archives Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Archives,
Ndola, Zambia
1. ‘‘The Water Follows the Stream’’
1 Read, like Audrey Richards, worked in central Africa prior to the es-
tablishment of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute. See her early article
‘‘Traditon and Prestige among the Ngoni,’’ Africa 9 (1936): 453–84.
J. A. Barnes, who worked in the area later for the rli, recalls people
speaking approvingly of her visit because she attended funerals. (Per-
sonal communication with author.)
2 M. B. Lukhero, interview by author, fieldnotes (29 May 1991) held by
3 See Richard Werbner’s account of their accomplishments in the area of
theory, ‘‘The Manchester School in South-Central Africa,’’ Annual Re-
view of Anthropology 13 (1984):157–85 (and the version in Richard
Fardon, ed., Localizing Strategies: Regional Traditions of Ethno-
graphic Writing [Smithsonian Institute: Scottish Academic Press, 1990,
152–81]). Richard Brown discusses the role of patronage and politics
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