Think of it: ours is the only species in all the long p
of life on earth that has ever spread around the entire world, occupying
continent and nearly every island, effectively subjugating all the animal
plants and natural systems it has encountered and over a relatively
period of time establishing itself in vast numbers as the single most dom
species of all.
It is a wonder that this single fact seems not to have imprinted itself po
fully upon the consciousness of us all, filling us with daily amazemen
bewilderment, or awe. Nor has it been the bedrock of religions, rega
as a phenomenon of human triumph worthy of praise and gratitude
homage. Nor the preoccupation of scholars, recounting how this marv
and unique transformation has taken place and investigating why it is
humans, and only humans, are everywhere. Nor the inspiration of the
celebrating the immensity of this achievement and the treasures it ha
volved upon us.
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