My thanks go to all the contributors for their endless forbearance and good
cheer as I put them through draft after draft and asked for changes both large
and small. I would also like to acknowledge my colleagues who participated in
the neh seminar on globalization at the University of Illinois, 2001–2002; it
was an experience that has greatly influenced my thinking about the nation,
empires, and the politics of geopolitics itself. I am especially grateful to Jim
Barrett, Herman Bennett, Ann Curthoys, Elena Delgado, Ian Fletcher, Lara
Kriegel, Hannah Rosen, and Hsu-Ming Teo, all of whom read the introduc-
tion and o√ered very helpful feedback. Tony Ballantyne, for his part, has been
the sine qua non of this project. I am equally indebted to Miriam Angress at
Duke University Press, who shepherded this manuscript so helpfully and gen-
erously through the process. Many thanks to her for being an ideal editor.
Down to the last, Paul and Nicholas have indulged my need to work: thanks
to them for their love, their patience, and their regular weeknight trips to the
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