Army combat uniform: The camouflage-printed uniform worn during com-
bat since 2005, when it replaced the battle dress uniform (bdu) and desert
combat uniform (dcu) of earlier eras.
Basic training.
A state-of-the-art prosthetic leg with a computerized knee joint made by
the Otto Bock Company, whose marketing emphasizes the technophilic
details of the device and a sporty, physically active, and normative body and
lifestyle for its wearer. At the time of my fieldwork, the C-Leg was consid-
ered the cutting edge in prosthetics.
Commanding officer: co is not a rank but a relation. Though any commis-
sioned officer in charge of a particular unit of any size could be called its
commanding officer, your co is usually the officer with whom you have the
most direct contact. In practice co was generally used to refer to the person
in a soldier’s chain of command who is most likely to be the one to discipline
or care if he did something wrong.
Delayed Entry Program or Delayed Enlistment Program: An army program
that allows enlistees to delay the start of their contract for 365 days. Its
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