my fIrSt debt goes to the former employees of Pan American World Air-
ways. This book is entirely dependent upon the goodwill and enthusiasm
of the women and men I interviewed, and especially those who helped with
the exhibit and videotape. I would like to thank especially (in alphabetical
order) Marilyn Boock, Hiromi Grantham, Jacqui Higa, Eva Kama, Charlotte
Yamashiro, Jane Noe, Aileen Sodetani, Mae Takahashi, Cynthia Tsujiuchi,
May Tsukiyama, Aggie Von Brimer, and Minnie Yoshimori. This is indeed
their story, and I feel privileged to be able to tell and interpret it. They are
a class act. Special thanks to Eugene Dunning and Sue Miller in California
and Alicia Smith in Miami for their hospitality and enthusiasm.
A big thank-you to the staff and volunteers at the Japanese Cultural
Center of Hawai`i: Brian Niiya and Brian Suzuki. Special recognition and
thanks to the gallery director Christy Takamune, who designed the exhibit
in Honolulu and bore the brunt of the stress in my absence. These three
filled in at a crucial time when I left for Washington with only the promise
of an exhibit. Mahalo to those involved in the video production: Chris Cony-
beare (producer), Cliff Watson (camera), and Joy Chong-Stannard (editor).
The resulting video bears the mark of their fine professionalism.
My time spent in Washington at the Smithsonian’s National Air and
Space Museum truly molded this work in ways I could not have foreseen,
especially as I was inspired by people such as Dom Pisano and Ron Davies
for whom aviation studies are a lifelong pursuit. This work has been greatly
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