ChronologY oF
PAn AmeriCAn WorlD AirWAYs,
Events particularly pertinent to the subject of this book are in boldface.
1927 Pan American Airways, Inc., begun, headed by Juan Trippe as a subsidiary
of Aviation Corporation of the Americas.
1928 Pan Am hires its first male steward, Amaury Sanchez (native of Puerto
1929 Trippe tours Latin America with Charles Lindbergh to secure landing
rights. Offers flights down west coast of South America to Peru.
Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra) is formed; gains further routes in
South America.
1934 First Clippers: Sikorsky S-40 flying boats to Panama.
1935 First scheduled trans-Pacific flights.
16 April 1935 Historic trans-Pacific flight to Hawai`i from San Francisco Bay
(landed in Pearl Harbor, taking 18 hours and 37 minutes); returned to San
Francisco five days later with fourteen thousand pieces of U.S. mail.
22 November 1935 Beginning of first scheduled air service over a major ocean
route: Pan Am’s China Clipper, headed for Manila, Philippines (landed and
refueled in Honolulu, then Wake island, then Guam, then Manila).
1939 Boeing 314 Flying Boat Clippers purchased by Pan Am.
First regular transatlantic air passenger service from New York to Europe.
1940 President Franklin D. Roosevelt secretly awards Pan Am contracts to build
airports throughout Central and South America to counteract German air
power, defend Panama Canal, and transport supplies to Allied powers in
the Mediterranean and Asia. In August 1941 these efforts are extended to
Africa, where Pan Am pilots transport airplanes and materials to British
forces in Egypt and the Mediterranean.
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