It is a welcome pleasure to reflect on entirely different forms of debt and
exchange value than those covered in this book. In another world I would
send each friend I’ve neglected to mention here a nice box of chocolates.
Words aren’t enough, but for now they are a taste of my sincere gratitude to
those who helped see me through this project.
This book was inspired and nurtured by great conversations with very
smart people, generous readers, and an abundance of external sources of
optimism and humor. For many years I have been blessed with the brilliant
likes of David Hernández and Jodi Kim; these two have always been my
first line of intellectual support, reading numerous drafts, answering a thou-
sand questions, and hearing out all of the turns in my thinking. In Sylvia
Chan-Malik and Wes Yu I could not have asked for smarter interlocutors or
more sustaining friendships. This work also benefited from the inspiration
and wisdom of longtime friends and coconspirators Dory Nason, Danika
Medak-Saltzman, and Ofelia Cuevas. Years have passed since my days as a
graduate student, but I remain indebted to my professors at UC Berkeley. I
continue to be in awe of the brilliance and grace of my dissertation adviser,
Sau-ling Wong; the instincts and generosity of Elaine Kim; and the friend-
ship and steadfast support of Michael Omi. And a long-overdue thanks must
go to Chris Nealon, not least for encouraging me to read Moishe Postone’s
Time, Labor, and Social Domination, which became an indispensable anchor
for this book.
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