We would first like to thank the contributors to this volume for their insightful
essays, for their willingness to engage our queries and occasional odd ques-
tions, and for their patience during the process of bringing the manuscript to
publication. We would also like to thank Ken Wissoker, our editor at Duke
University Press, for his guidance and confident encouragement (especially
when this project was a mere notion), and Anitra Grisales, who provided both
humor and unimpeachable editorial aid. Our anonymous reviewers helped
us to clarify our arguments about, and investments in, popular culture in
Asian America, for which we are grateful. We are pleased to acknowledge as
well the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Illinois, Urbana-
Champaign; the University of Michigan; New York University; the Ohio State
University; Vassar College; and Cornell University (and all our friends and
colleagues at those institutions) for research, financial, and intellectual support
at various stages of this project. Finally, we are grateful to Logan Hill and Mark
Murrmann for reminding us to watch television, listen to music, go to the
movies, and always have fun with our work.
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