We came up with the idea for this book when we realized that ou
eye patients needed a reliable, easy-to-understand guide to ey
care. Often in the eye doctor’s office, the eye seems like a mysteri
ous organ, and the unfamiliar words used to describe the eye an
eye diseases can be difficult to understand. We have designed thi
reference text as a guide to the eyes and how they work, what ca
go wrong with them, and what to do about it.
Our first few chapters demystify the structure and function o
the eyes, the eye exam, and what to expect from your eye doctor
We then describe various eye diseases, including common prob
lems such as cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degenera
tion, and diabetic retinopathy that affect a large part of the popu
lation.We also include chapters on up-to-date surgical technique
foreye problems, as well as chapters on refractive and cosmetic ey
surgery. We have listed noncommercial websites for each chapte
so that you may further explore the topics in this book. Becaus
the book is intended for the nonmedical reader, it is written i
easy-to-understand language and includes a glossary of technica
All about Your Eyes is intended not only for patients with ey
diseases but for their family members, who can read it to gai
an understanding of what their loved ones are experiencing. Thi
book can also help people without known eye problems by ex
plaining how healthy eyes work and describing the symptoms o
eye diseases, so that they may perhaps be diagnosed sooner.
Although reading about your eyes can provide a useful under
standing of the subject, this book is not designed as a substitut
for seeing your eye doctor: medicine is far from a cookbook sci
ence. Only you and your eye doctor together can devise an indi
vidual approach that works best for you and your eyes.
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