I am grateful to all of the many spirits, minds, and hands that have
contributed to this work. Among them are Deane Neubauer, chair of
my dissertation committee, who helped to shape the original project.
Jorge Fernandes and Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller read and commented on
countless drafts. Sankaran Krishna, Anne Keala Kelly, Gabrielle Wel-
ford, Esther Figueroa, and Michael J. Shapiro also read drafts and pro-
vided many valuable suggestions. I thank Sally Engle Merry for careful
reading and excellent advice. The late, dearly missed Jim Bartels gener-
ously shared his knowledge, especially of Queen Lili¿uokalani, based on
his many years of dedicated research. Reshela DuPuis and Amy Ku¿u-
leialoha Stillman were similarly generous with their time and research.
Albert J. Schütz read and proofread the entire manuscript, improving
many sentences (all remaining errors are entirely my own). I benefited
greatly from discussions with Kekeha Solis, Sam L. No¿eau Warner,
Kaleikoa K¯¿eo, a Kerry Laiana Wong, Phyllis Turnbull, Lynette Cruz,
David Keanu Sai, Kekuni Blaisdell, Lia O’Neill Keawe, ku¿ualoha
ho¿omanawanui, J. ehaulani Kauanui, Laura Lehuanani Yim, Lilikal¯a
Kame¿eleihiwa, Meleanna Meyer, Annette Ipo Wong, Houston Wood,
Jonathan Kamakawiwo¿ole Osorio, Ty awika Tengan, Haunai-Kay
Trask, Tom Co√man, alani Minton, Kathy Ferguson, Neal Milner,
Nevzat Soguk, J. J. Leilani Basham, Lydia Kualapai, and Gayle Brackin,
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