Mexico City
Notary Archive (an)
Notary Miguel Blancas
Number 96, vol. 590, 1831
Folios 18–20
December 1st, 1831
testament of cristóbal peña
In the name of God Our Almighty Lord, Amen. Be it noted and manifested to all
who in the present see how I, Don Critóbal Peña, legitimate Son of Don Mariano
Peña and Doña Ciriaca García, my parents and lords now deceased and in holy
glory, who were residents of the City of Toluca, the city where I am a native
although now a citizen of this Capital. Being sick in bed due to the accident that
God Our Lord has seen fit to send me, but because of his infinite compassion
with all my faculties, comprehension, accomplished memory, and the natural
understanding for which I give to His Divine majesty my most revered thanks,
believing as I firmly and truly believe and confess to the Almighty and ine√able
Mystery of the Beatific Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy
Spirit, Three really di√erent persons and only one True God, in the Holy Sacra-
ment of the Altar and in all the other mysteries, articles, and sacraments that the
Holy Mother Catholic Church has, believes, confesses, preaches, and teaches,
and under whose faith and beliefs I have lived, pretend to live, and want to die as a
Catholic and faithful Christian and be of what I love; choosing as I do as my
auxiliary patrons and advocates, the Empress of the Heavens and Earth Holy
Mother Our Lady conceived in grace from the first instant of her most holy
animation to be the worthy mother of the Divine Animated Word; her most
chaste and faithful husband the patriarch Señor San José, my Holy Guardian
Angel, the Saint of my name, and others of my devotion and heavenly court, to
The original wills that the author describes in the text were in Spanish. The following
two samples were translated into English by the author with the help of Ana Maria
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