Not surprisingly, this book owes itself to a series of relations with
others. In and around State College, the site where the bulk of it
was written, it owes its largest debt to that deployment of intensities
known as Rich Doyle. Likewise, Caren Irr will see the material force
of her thought reflected on virtually every page. And Sherry Brennan
has been, from beginning to end, what Levinas would call this book's
primary "provocation" - its most consistent critic as well as its big-
gest supporter.
The Cultural Studies Group at Penn State-especially Celeste Fraser
Delgado, Steve Ellis, Henry Giroux, Billy Joe Harris, Susan Harris,
Doug Holt, Iyun Osagie, Shari Roberts, Francesca Royster, and Evan
Watkins-served as both a catalyst and a sounding board for much
of this work. In addition, Don Bialostosky, John Sallis, and Sandy
Schwartz provided valuable insight at critical moments.
Along the way, many other friends and colleagues have contrib-
uted more than they will ever know toward the development of this
project. In State College: Amy Greenberg, Alphonso Lingis, Charles
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